Sunday, December 24, 2000

Alright, this is my very first entry! Well, right now I'm at my Aunt's house for a small christmas eve party we have every year. My grandma's making conolies (MmMmMm!) and the kids are playing and screaming. The tree's flooded with pre-Chirstmas presents and everyone's waiting for Santa to come! Every year, since I was a kid, "Santa" came. In other words, some one dressed as Santa came and gave each of us a small present. Then, he left, the kids got all excited, and we opened all the presents. I just noticed, it takes all the fun away when you don't believe in Santa. That had been a question for me when I was 9 or 10. I believe in the SPIRIT of Santa, just not him, ALIVE, now. And Christmas makes me so thankful that I get all this stuff I don't need, food in my stomache, and family all around me, and lots of people don't have any of this. I mean, think about it. Santa's here! I better go and help out! ^_^